Hi, I am Ivan Martin, and in this platform, you will find information about wildlife tourism, its impacts on the animals and the possible positive outcomes that wildlife and local communities can gain from it. I believe that any wildlife watching activity should be done in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way and I aim at spreading awareness on this subject through expeditions, conservation projects, and suggestions.

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Between Corsica and the French Riviera, from late June to early September, several species of whales and dolphins concentrate in order to feed themselves, at a time when the food biomass of these waters reaches its maximum. Among them, a thousand whales and several tens of thousands of dolphins! 


However, despite the abundance of cetaceans, scientific research is hampered by the difficulties of observation at sea. The current state of our knowledge is still very approximate, hence the difficulty of effectively protecting Mediterranean cetaceans.


It is through the active participation and financial support of its eco-volunteer members that SCS is able to provide the necessary logistical resources for scientific research. 

Project missions: 


Take seawater samples from different distances between the coast and the high seas as part of our scientific partner Oceaneye's research program on the diffusion of micro-plastics at sea.

The time available between two collections is used to observe marine animals that cross our path, such as whales, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, fish, birds, etc. and to monitor that they are not victims of predation or harassment within the Marine Sanctuary, within the framework of the ACCOBAMS Agreement. 



Be fluent in French

Very active participation in on-board activities is required!

18 years old or over

Swimming skills

No drugs on board

Be a SCS member (registration included in the price for non-members)

Good physical condition and not very sensitive to seasickness

NB: to be considered beyond 65 years of age for balance reasons in particular