Terra Conscious is a conservation - social impact responsible travel enterprise based out of North Goa, India. They offer responsible marine and coastal travel experiences conducted in partnership with local communities to enable informed and sensitive engagement for both the visitor and local tourism operators.


Terra Conscious works primarily with local community boat partners who are empowered to transform their practices into being more sustainable and ethical. They also support their travel experiences with complementary social impact programs, that focus on creating awareness, building capacity for various stakeholders to enable them to address marine and coastal conservation challenges and engage in grassroots action.

The Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS is a non-profit organisation devoted to the preservation of marine mammals in their natural habitat. They hold the conviction that better scientific knowledge of the animals and their environment is essential to ensure efficient protection measures. 


With this aim in mind, SCS distributes general information about marine mammals to the Swiss public, encourages access to specialised training and organizes the logistics at sea of scientific and environmental programmes abroad. Over the years, SCS has acquired a solid experience in the logistics required for scientific research for the protection of marine mammals.


Hi, I am Ivan Martin, and I am on an expedition for wildlife and environmental conservation. Will you join me in my journey ? 


In this platform, you will find information about sustainable projects I am co-developing, about wildlife tourism & the environment, and about ethical expeditions you can join.

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